Exploring Adult Toys Photography – Basics and Beyond

Photography is a well-appreciated passion especially now that millennials are gearing toward picture-perfect shots. Everyone wants to have such Instagram-worthy photos that many people will like and can relate to – even the most unconventional subjects such as adult toys. 

To reach their audience the most, photographers now get more creative and expressive as much as they can. Taking photography to the next level such as erotic photography has emerged and well, a lot of people appreciate it. It is high time for sexual expression to be free and appreciated. 

Photography of adult toys is also a different story. This includes a more technical part where details of the pleasure product must be captured. Adult toy photography community is also formed by countless toy enthusiasts. While this profession has existed for such a while, sex toys photography takes on a different level of skill. It makes inanimate objects look and feel alive while telling a compelling story about the item. For example, features of a vibrator must be enhanced and well-angled to give justice to its subject making it impactful merchandise. 

Tips in Photographing Sex Toys 

Unlike people as subjects, sex toys as a subject in photography are difficult to convey emotions and need an imaginative mind to fully appreciate them. 

Here are some tips on how to capture a compelling pleasure product. 

  • Use the right amount of lighting. You can experiment with how you can accent the sex toy and highlight the product or the features you want the customers to see. 

You can try capturing photos using studio lighting or natural lighting, or both. Natural lighting can work really well for your adult toy to make it naturally looking photos. 

  • Use a tripod to stabilize your camera. Even if you are just using a smartphone in the beginning, your shaky hand will definitely not do you any good. With a tripod, image blurs can be lessened so you can achieve professional and high-quality images. 
  • Let the audience get a sense of how to use the item. A high tech vibrator for example that uses airwave technology can be shown in such a way audience can appreciate how the product works and what makes it unique. 
  • The balance on the picture is key. Use light and dark contrast, small and large objects surrounding your main item can emphasize what you want your audience to focus on. 
  • Show off the features of your sex toy. If you think there are features of the adult toy that shoppers will love to know and see, capture the details, accents, and its unique qualities. 
  • Use complementary merchandise. Featuring a vibrator with a kitchen device in the background is really offputting, and doesn’t make sense. But when you display an item that matches your adult toy – a lubricant, for example, the picture will make much more sense and will have a great impact. 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and probably a thousand likes, shares and store visits. Photography of adult toys if done effectively, can maximize sales or help you improve in your field if you are a photographer. There are a variety of things you need to consider such as balance, lighting, colour, design, background among others. Experiment with different sorts of photography like HDR, light painting, modern, black and white. You’ll be surprised how you can capture images that can launch a thousand sales. 

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