MP a little about me and D3 Digital Cam

Yes – not kidding… Within 25 hours of getting my D3 I can say it has earned it self back…

Got my D3 yestoday noon from a place i ordered from on 24th of august.

Today at noon – i’m leaving the office – waling over to enable the alarm – while I hear some unusual noise from our dining room on gound level.

I go down and investigate – with all my stuff incl. my backpack, the D3 with 14-24 lens and whatever else was attached.

and then I see a burgelar is at his game at our patio door at the company. I knock on the window to ask what he thinks he is doing – and he looks at me…

I then remember I have my D3 – and get the lens hood of the leans and just started shooting pictures… while he started running – I run through the building to “catch” him on the other side – and got even more photoes.

Called police and they came – handed them RAW and JPGs and now I think I saved myself at LEAST the price of the D3..both in repairs and what else a stupid guy could steal and mess up in our offices.

Even with alarm in the building – it still takes alarm company 10-20 min. to turn up…

(and sorry – police told me not to post pictures in public before his is convicted – but got 40 pictures – and police said – best Crime Scene pictures they had ever gotten

The pictures are not that good “photographic quality” since i just “pointed and shot”  at whatever the camera setting was – but it worked…..

Have a great New Year – I know I will and I like my D3 very very much today.

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