Astrophotography by Martin Pugh 

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~ Latest images ~

NGC 2403 HaLRGB (19 Feb 15)
Double Cluster 2 Panel Mosaic (All AOX Guided) (16 Feb 15)
NGC 2170 (12 Feb 15)
Largest Solar Filament Ever Recorded (Source: NASA)
Andromeda 8 Panel Mosaic HaLRGB All AOX Guided
The Medusa Nebula (23 Jan 15)
The Other Pillars of Creation (20 Jan 15)
LBN 438 LRGB (30 Nov 14)
Pelican Nebula (FSQ106N/STF8300) (28 Nov 14)
NGC 467, 470, 474 (21 Nov 14)
NGC 281 with 11 hours AOX Ha (20 Nov 14) NASA APOD 28 Nov 14
First Light!  SBIG STXL11002 with AO-X from Sierra Remote

M65 & M66 - Test image (new camera package) with remarkable resolution


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To appreciate the images to their fullest extent, please adjust your monitor so each square above appears as a distinct shade of grey.