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NGC 5371/5350/5353/5354
An Encounter with Cassiopeia
M63 - The Sunflower Galaxy
Third Light  The Cygnus Wall NASA APOD 3 Jul 14

Second Light  The Dumbbell Nebula; with Nitrogen
First Light!  SBIG STXL11002 with AO-X from Sierra Remote
M65 & M66 - Test image (new camera package) with remarkable resolution
NGC 6164 Collaboration NASA APOD 22 May 14
NGC 3628 (2 May) NASA APOD 8 May 14
NGC 5101, NGC 5708, IC879 (25 Jan 14) NASA APOD 8 Feb 14
IC 410 (3 Jan 14) NASA APOD 9 Jan 14
NGC 1097 NASA APOD 14 Nov 13


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The vastness of space......

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To appreciate the images to their fullest extent, please adjust your monitor so each square above appears as a distinct shade of grey.